Persian Chess: DownloadYou can play Persian Chess online on this page or download the free Android app for your tablet and smartphone.
To play an offline version, please find below the download links for your OS.
If you have any problem with download and/or you find a bugs or issue, please leave a reply on this page.



Persian Chess: Android app on Google Play
Persian Chess on Google Play for Android:
Persian Chess
Persian Chess: Windows app
Download Persian Chess for Windows:
Persian Chess for Windows
Just unzip to destination folder and then run PersianChess.exe. There is no installation required. 
Persian Chess: Linux app
Download Persian Chess for Linux:
Persian Chess for Linux x86
Persian Chess for Linux x64
It is an app.js application and requires glibc 2.14 to run. 
Please make sure you can run app.js before starting Persian Chess.

Please report issues and bugs as a reply to this page:

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